This past Sunday I attended the Lowcountry Field Feast for the second year in a row, a wonderful fundraiser that supports local independent businesses and farms.   The family-style supper is prepared by Chef Mike Lata of FIG and featured seasonal fall dishes with local product.  One of my favorite “dishes” this year was the Aioli of all things!  Not one to normally fixate on condiments (especially one where the  main ingredient is mayo), I have found that this recently has been the case with my dining adventures.   Last week it was the dish of Butter at Chef Sean Brock’s newly opened Husk restaurant in Charleston.  With hints of smoked paprika, his Butter is BEYOND!  A tour of his kitchen revealed a room dedicated entirely to tomatoes and canning in prep for serving his own homemade Ketchup.  I’ve been thinking about this Ketchup a lot.  Too much in fact.  But if the Aioli and Butter are indicative of just how great a simple condiment can be, I’m thinking:  “Extra side of fries with that…”